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An expat’s guide to Singapore

by ExpatInfo
20 Oct 2018

Singapore was recently awarded the best country for expats to live by the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. The population stands at 5.6 million but of this, 1.3 million are foreign workers, according to Singapore government statistics from 2014.

With Singapore being home to so many expats, you can expect a multicultural environment and a high standard of living in comparison to other popular expat destinations. Singapore is considered one of the safest, most secure destinations worldwide. According to the survey from HSBC, 82% of expats say they feel safer here than at home.

ExpatInfo takes a closer look;


The weather is stable throughout the year and is known to have a warm and humid climate. December and January are the wettest months of the year, and the two following months are usually the driest. Despite the heat and humidity, expats widely advise visitors to bring a thin sweater or shawl as residents refer to the nation as “the land of air-conditioning”.

Exploring Singapore

Singapore is located in the heart of Asia, with plenty of opportunities to travel. However, Singapore offers quite a few treasures itself. Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay are hard to avoid, but if you want to experience them in the best way possible, go at night for the theatrical light show.

Singapore is a multicultural hub, so it comes as no surprise that the country is affected by the cultural variety. Little India, Arab Street and China Town are amazing areas to explore. Clarke Quay is also worth a visit; a historic landmark positioned along the Singapore river. Here you can find plenty of restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Asia is famous for its tasty food, and Singapore is no exception. Singapore is booming with food courts where you can eat amazing food for a cheaper price than in restaurants. Did you know that Singapore was once awarded the honour of housing the cheapest Michelin meal in the world? In the restaurant, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, you can eat chef Chan Hon Meng’s chicken rice dish priced at only €3.

Working in Singapore

Singapore is a leading financial hub with great focus on trade and development. It also has one of the busiest ports in the world and is therefore a major trading nation.  Singapore has been ranked second out of 190 countries by The World Bank several years in a row in its Ease of Doing Business Survey. You can expect a modern and fast-paced environment, but the business culture must always be respected. The business is heavily based on relationships and establishing contact can take some time. The government of Singapore encourages qualified expats to come to work and live in Singapore.

For more information on Singapore´s ranking in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey:

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