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ExpatInfo was founded in Spain in 2018 as a tool to help English speaking expats around the globe to get the best out of their international lifestyle. In short, we have put together an expat survival guide, designed to address common expat issues. There’s no need to feel stressed when you can be informed, with shared opinions, reviews, sourced discounts and have access to entertaining articles.

As an expat, no matter your nationality or current location, you will most likely be affected by common issues, such as relationships, housing, money (including pension plans & insurance), healthcare, dating, relationships and possibly a degree of culture shock. As part of the ExpatInfo community you get access to exclusive discounts, news and a platform to read and leave reviews of companies providing goods and services for expats.

Check out the latest articles, videos and reviews, and send in your own comments, content and suggestions. There is no limit to the evolution of the site, we invite all expats to tell us what they want and we’ll do our best to continue to develop and improve our site in order to fulfil the needs and expectations of our international users.

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ExpatInfo is a tool for sharing information about the expat experience. Take advantage of advice from other expats to help you look after your finances and to stay safe, happy and healthy.

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Our mission is to help expats get the most out of their globally mobile lifestyle by providing answers to the very specific and unique issues experienced by expats throughout the world.

ExpatInfo’s aim is to build a mutually beneficial network of individuals and businesses, allowing users to share reviews and take advantage of discounts and for companies to get their companies known throughout our global community. In simple terms, it’s an opportunity to be seen, have your say, become savvy and save money.

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